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Wayne Clarke from Weymouth has just made a huge difference to the lives of brain injury patients in Poole.

His fundraising efforts have enabled him to set up a greenhouse in Lower Parkstone, providing Green Therapy to help people who have suffered brain injuries. This is a great example of how one person can make a big impact in their community, and share more information on just exactly what Green Therapy is as well as what the benefits could be for so many.

Community Fundraiser Brings Green Therapy to Poole's Brain Injury Patients

What is Green Therapy?

Green Therapy is one of a non-clinical tactic doctors have begun prescribing to help the mind. The newer form of therapy has been found to help those living with daily stresses, mental health or even recovering from a brain injury.

Nature-based approaches to healing can be practiced individually, in groups, or with therapists as a positive method of rehabilitation.

What are the benefits of Green Therapy?

Nature has a restorative effect on human psychology, helping us recover from mental fatigue and improve our cognition. By drawing our attention to nature, authors Rachel & Stephen Kaplan, in their book ‘The Experience of Nature’, describe a process called “Attention Restoration Therapy” which encourages rehabilitation in the brain.

According to a study at the University of Michigan, subjects who walked in nature for 50-minutes performed significantly better on memory-related tasks than those who walked within an urban setting.

A number of studies have now also demonstrated the benefits of nature-based rehabilitation for individuals living with acquired brain injury, including improvements in motor, sensory, and cognitive functions; leading to a more improved quality of life. However, with Green Therapy being some what of a new form of rehabilitation, there are recommendations for future studies.

What could Green Therapy mean for the community?

Occupational therapist in Poole, Jennifer Peak, said: “We’re delighted that Wayne thought of us when he donated some of the funds he raised and the greenhouse now means that patients are no longer restricted in what and when they can start growing – plus it provides them with an additional form of rehabilitation. With shelves inside, it will also enable the involvement of those patients with physical limitations and dizziness.”

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Community Fundraiser Brings Green Therapy to Poole's Brain Injury Patients

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