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Accessing neurorehabilitation

How does someone access Neurorehabilitation?

As Neurorehabilitation can take place on a residential basis, as an outpatient and in the community.

Neurorehabilitation services are provided by the NHS and by the independent sector. The NHS funds most placements including those provided by the independent sector.

Gaining access to neurorehabilitation can happen in a number of ways.

  • If someone has been treated acutely in hospital they may be referred directly to a rehabilitation unit. This may be in the same hospital or on another site. It may be an NHS unit or it may be run privately but may still be funded by the NHS
  • If someone has been discharged home or has not been into hospital but could still benefit from rehabilitation they may need a referral from their GP. In addition a rehabilitation unit can advise on next steps
  • Some independent rehabilitation units will accept self-referral

Becoming an INPA member

With our collective voice, we ensure the views & perspectives of independent neurorehab providers are heard. We can join, contribute too and raise debates on key subjects such as outcome measurements, fee structures and regulation.