A forum for neurorehabilitation nurses has been set up under the name of United Kingdom Alliance for Neurorehabilitation Nurses (UKANN).

It will aim to keep close links with INPA (Independent Neurorehabilitation Providers Alliance), BANN (British Association of Neuroscience Nurses, and the Royal College of Nursing Neuroscience Forum.

The Alliance will provide networking and education opportunities for neurorehab nurses. It also aims to review guidelines, promote best practice, offer peer support and provide career information in this specific area. We hope it will raise the profile of neurorehabilitation nurses as part of the multidisciplinary team.

This sector of nursing is developing both within the private-sector and the NHS, particularly as the population of patients surviving with long term conditions grows. Establishing a forum which can represent and unite these nurses is a great opportunity for all those willing to be involved.



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