Our standards

So INPA can ensure high standards of neuro-rehabilitation and achieve its aims, each organisation wishing to join as a member must provide evidence to show that it achieves the following criteria:


Organisational structure
A staffing structure made up of key significantly trained and experienced professionals in the provision and delivery of neuro-rehabilitation for individuals within their service.

Staff structure
Provides and delivers regular training to all staff that is specific to the practice of neuro-rehabilitation. Staff supervision by a neuro-rehabilitation specialist. Members of its interdisciplinary team are regularly being supervised by those who have demonstrable experience and expertise in the field of neuro-rehabilitation.

Specialist interest groups within their discipline
Staff are members of relevant specialist interest groups within their disciple that facilitate keeping abreast of developments in the field of neuro-rehabilitation.

Service provided & type of neuro-rehabilitation service
Produce a detailed outline of the type of service that it provides, including the number of service users, the aims of the service and its key / principle service objectives.

Neuro-rehabilitation specific unit
Service is solely dedicated to neuro-rehabilitation.

HPC registered staff groups
Evidence that it contracts / employs a minimum of four distinctly different Health Professions Council (HPC) registered professional groups trained and experienced in neuro-rehabilitation.

An ABI service-specific accreditation
Has or is working towards gaining accreditation by a specific acquired brain injury accreditation body.

Outcome measures
Use of outcome measures appropriate for the service it provides as recommended / identified by INPA. Rehabilitation within a defined time frame.

The service provides an active rehabilitation pathway which demonstrates discharge planning from the outset. Testimonials from two stakeholders (not customers)

Provide testimonials of service delivery from two key stakeholders who have used / commissioned their service over the last 18 months.



What do we lobby for?

We believe that the collective voice of independent providers of neuro-rehabilitation across the UK should be heard. Independent providers provide over half of all the available neuro-rehabilitation beds in the UK and INPA’s specialists can offer valuable unique insights into brain injury and long-term neurological conditions



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