What do we lobby for?

We believe that the collective voice of independent providers of neuro-rehabilitation across the UK should be heard.

Independent providers provide over half of all the available neuro-rehabilitation beds in the UK and INPA’s specialists can offer valuable unique insights into brain injury and long-term neurological conditions.

We seek to speak with and influence key clinicians, political stakeholders and academics, to provide our specialist perspective on decisions or recommendations being made about the very people receiving treatment, care and rehabilitation in our services.

INPA members have knowledge, experience and expertise which should not be underestimated or ignored.

Our members work to ensure the best possible care and support is provided in services offering neurorehabilitation. Through INPA, independent providers share experiences and expertise, knowledge and best practice. All members undergo thorough self-validation and we visit each provider to ensure our standards are continuing to be met.

Neurorehabilitation should be outcome focussed and person-centred and be delivered by specialist rehabilitation professionals, which may include including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychiatrists and psychologists, speech and language therapist and other rehabilitation professionals.



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