Nutritional Challenges in the Brain Injured Patient’s Journey | Tuesday 16 and 17 November 2021 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

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This virtual course is aimed at dietitians who are new to, or would like to work in the area of neuro-rehabilitation or the longer term management of patients with a neuro-disability. There will be a diverse variety of presenters who work in this specialist field.

Following an acquired brain injury, an individuals’ journey from the acute setting through neurorehabilitation and beyond is often filled with a number of nutritional challenges. This day will aim to explore these challenges and offer practical ideas that can be implemented when working with this complex patient group.

At the RHN the majority of our patients receive some or all of their nutrition and hydration via an enteral feeding tube. We will explore the trends and changes in nutritional requirements across the patient journey, including a basic look at the common types of tube in use. This encompasses the changes from the extremely high requirements post injury to the low energy requirements of a stable long term enterally fed patient.

The course will also look at the issues involved with withdrawal of nutrition and hydration as well as the practical and theoretical aspects of assessing capacity for nutrition related issues.

Session one Tuesday 16 November 2021
Session two Tuesday 17 November 2021

Please note that these sessions are facilitated via Zoom and session two will lead on from session one in content and sequence.

Cost: £50 for both sessions, £30 for one session

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