Peartree House

Peartree House

8a Peartree Avenue, Southampton, SO19 7JP

Peartree House

Peartree House Rehabilitation

Peartree House Neurological Rehabilitation Centre is a modern, specialist rehabilitation centre established in 1996 and based in a beautiful listed building in Southampton.

The Centre embraces all the advances in understanding the needs of people who have suffered a brain injury to provide a seamless, integrated, bespoke service including inpatient neurological rehabilitation and long term nursing and complex care, inpatient rehabilitation into the community, and continuing community support.

Peartree House treats and cares for anyone from 18 and over, both as inpatients and as outpatients in the community.

The people treated have suffered brain injuries as a result of various causes which range from road traffic accidents, falls, other traumatic incidents, stroke or brain injury caused by illness or degenerative conditions. What is in common is that everybody affected by  acquired brain injury needs trained, specialist, patient and watchful therapy, treatment and care.

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